About Dadding Every Day

Cam is a full time SAHD to a 5yo boy and 2yo girl, affectionately referred to as the ‘little fockers’.  He and his family are based in Perth, Western Australia although he is proudly New Zealand born.  This blog is a first hand account of his observations, experiences, successes, failures, and above all else, the lessons that he’s learnt along the way.

In his “spare time” Cam is an avid crossfitter combatting the dreaded dad-bod, and a massive All Blacks fan.  He loves discussing both topics at length but that’s not really what this is all about now is it?

You can read the full back story of Dadding Every Day and how he left the rat race to become a SAHD here.

If you’re looking for serious parenting advice, then you are miles away from being in the right place.  The only advice on offer here is to not take yourself too seriously, and to be sure to celebrate the joys of dadding every day.